LAKEVILLE Specialty Produce Company

Lakeville ProductsLakeville – Premium specialty salad greens for fine restaurants, caterers, and discriminating consumers. Pennsylvania-grown and nationally distributed; available year-round through selected wholesale distributors and retail outlets.

Lakeville – a nearly 50-year reputation for consistently fresh, clean, superior quality produce.


A Sampling of Our Products

Mâche (also known as lamb’s lettuce, corn salad or doucette) is a miniature gourmet salad green, prized for its sweet,
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Baby Red Veined Sorrel
The striking foliage of red veined sorrel – bright green leaves with deep red stems and veins – plus its
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Baby Upland Cress
Baby Upland Cress has rosettes of dark green, glossy round leaves with a spicy flavor similar to watercress, a lingering
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Baby Firecracker Mizuna
Striking in both color and flavor, the wine-red leaves and pale apple-green stems of Lakeville’s Baby Firecracker Mizuna make an
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Baby Mizuna
With its crisp stalks and beautiful frond-like leaves, this unique mustard of Japanese origin blends the pepper of arugula and
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Lakeville Chervil
Chervil, also known as “Leaves of Joy” or sometimes “French Parsley”, is a delicate plant with serrated, feathery fern-like leaves
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Baby Arugula
Arugula is a nutrient-rich salad green with a rich, peppery taste and an exceptionally pungent flavor for a leafy green.
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Baby Red Tatsoi
Red Tatsoi (Brassica narinosa) is a member of the mustard family with glossy, deep burgundy-blushed leaves, short pale lime green
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Specialty Microgreens
Our Microgreens are a petite form of edible greens harvested at a seedling stage from a variety of different vegetables
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