Whether you are a wholesale distributor, a specialty retailer, a restaurant chef, or just a salad lover in search of the finest possible fresh ingredients, Lakeville’s packaging is designed with you in mind:

Lakeville products are packed as living plants with roots on for the ultimate in freshness, tenderness and extended shelf life. The inert growing cubes act as moisture reservoirs following harvest, and are vital to the long shelf life of the product. Carton liners in all of our bulk packs help maintain optimal moisture levels and protect product from abrasion during shipping, while sturdy carton design prevents crushing and physical damage.

Lakeville’s distinctive color coordinated graphics mean that every carton we ship is instantly recognizable as a Lakeville Brand product. We also take pride in what each customer sees when a carton of our produce is opened, and strive for great visual impact as well as top product quality.

Bulk Packs

All Lakeville products are available in our standard bulk restaurant/food service pack measuring approximately 11″ x 9″ x 4″.

Retail Packs

Lakeville’s mâche and baby upland cress (and, on a special order basis, certain other products) are also available in a retail pack consisting of six crystal clear individually labeled 1oz packages containing three to six rosettes each.

Special Packaging

We also offer a special 12-pack of upland cress that has been harvested at a more mature stage of growth, in either bulk or individually sleeved retail configurations, as well as other variations on our standard packaging designed to meet special customer needs or preferences. Give us a call to discuss your requirements – we’ll be happy to work with you on a customized solution.

Air Freight

Lakeville services specialty fresh produce distributors nationwide with air freight shipments of E-containers (sized to hold 27, 36, 45, or 54 of our standard bulk pack cases) out of the New York – New Jersey metropolitan area airports. No matter where in the country you may be, if your airport offers refrigerated shipping facilities, talk with us about arrangements for supplying you with Lakeville products. Our wholesale price quotes will include all air freight charges to your destination.

Cool Is Good

Refrigeration is important to the quality of any fresh produce. All Lakeville Specialty salad greens are refrigerated within minutes of harvest, and are handled using cold chain delivery practices throughout the distribution chain. To maintain the gourmet quality of your Lakeville products, keep them in a cooler or refrigerator in their original packaging, with roots intact, until they are ready to be used.

Lakeville’s packaging is designed with you in mind:

  • Preserves product freshness and flavor
  • Protects delicate greens
  • Instantly recognizable graphics
  • Displays attractive product to best advantage
  • Sized for your convenience