Baby Arugula


Arugula is a nutrient-rich salad green with a rich, peppery taste and an exceptionally pungent flavor for a leafy green. Little known except among devotees of Italian cooking before the 1980’s, arugula has in recent years become a marker for culinary sophistication and discriminating taste. It is often used as an accent mixed with other greens in tossed salads, or prepared alone with vinaigrette or steamed and served over pasta.

Lakeville’s baby arugula is harvested while the plants are still young and tender, with the characteristic zip and pungency that makes arugula so distinctive but before they have developed the overly strong flavor of fully mature plants. Our baby arugula is a great source of natural antioxidant vitamins A, C and K, rich in carotenoids and minerals, and low in oxalates. It is also available in the same fine quality year round, unlike the seasonally available field-grown product.

Baby Arugula is available in a bulk restaurant/food service pack only, featuring Lakeville’s distinctive packaging graphics and designed to preserve product freshness and flavor from harvest to table.

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