Baby Firecracker Mizuna


Striking in both color and flavor, the wine-red leaves and pale apple-green stems of Lakeville’s baby Firecracker Mizuna make an eye-catching and palate-pleasing addition to any leafy salad. Also outstanding as a garnish. Combining a touch of mustard with the tang of sorrel, the deeply serrated leaves have great texture and crunch, as well as the nutritional and antioxidant effects of beta carotene and minerals, vitamin C, folate, and iron. Try it in soups and stir fries, or as a colorful complement in dishes featuring a wide range of other ingredients. Baby Firecracker Mizuna is the latest addition to Lakeville’s product line, joining our Baby Red Veined Sorrel as a versatile color and flavor accent in creative salad cuisine.

Baby Firecracker Mizuna is available in bulk restaurant / food service packs only, featuring Lakeville’s distinctive packaging graphics and designed to preserve product freshness and flavor from harvest to table.

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