Specialty Microgreens


Our microgreens are a petite form of edible greens harvested at a seedling stage from a variety of different vegetables and herbs selected for their distinctive colors and flavors. With an especially high nutritional content compared to mature greens, microgreens add an unusual dash of color, texture and flavor to any salad. Fine dining chefs use microgreens as edible garnishes, and as a means of enhancing the beauty and freshness of their dishes.

Lakeville’s micro mix includes multiple varieties chosen to appeal to both mild and spicy tastes. Each restaurant/food service pack includes a rainbow selection of five or six varieties from the following: arugula, curly cress, kale and red Russian kale, red cabbage, purple mustard, mâche, upland cress and red amaranth. Like all of our standard products, our microgreens are packed and shipped as living plants with roots on for the ultimate in freshness.

Our microgreens are available in bulk restaurant/ food service packs (and, on a special order basis, in individual retail packs), featuring Lakeville’s distinctive packaging graphics and designed to preserve product freshness and flavor from harvest to table.

For additional information on package options, see Packaging.
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